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Deric Wan Zhao Lun dating back with Sonjia Kwok

Deric Wan

The other day, Deric Wan expressed the unforgettable "cuteness" or "her". It was said that he's referring to ex-lover Sonjia Kwok. Both Sonjia and Deric expressed that the they are troubled by the reports, but have different responses and didn't match up. Sonjia said that within a year there are 1 or 2 phone calls between them, while Deric said they do not keep in touch, implying that "someone' is lying.

Sonjia and Deric collaborated in 2002 in TVB series "The Legend of Love" and started the "pineapple bun love". Unfortunately it ended in 2 years. In one report, it said that Deric often calls her, while another report said that he recently came back to Hong Kong and brought a Mercedes Benz.

"She" is the deceased actress Pan Xingyi

Currently in Mainland shooting for an advertisement, Deric accepted the long distance call from reporters. He admitted that he purchased two Mercedes Benz in Hong Kong to encourage himself, while the other is a gift to his Hong Kong girlfriend Winnie. Regarding to the getting back with Sonjia reports, he denied: "I haven't kept in touch with her in the last few years. (Sonjia said that you always call her?) Someone is lying. (Are you two still friends?) We can be friends, but I really haven't kept in touch with her. (Your blog entry started this rumor?) I was definitely not talking about her, I'm talking about Pan Xingyi (Mainland actress), she got into an accident and passed away. She is an artist that my management company released. I was just thinking about her and felt emotional, but someone tried to twist the story. Lately after the Qinghai Earthquake, there are already many victims that don't have anything to eat, and now someone is over here doing making up nonsense. Tell that person to stop causing trouble, or else they'll go to Hell."

Worried others would misunderstand

However, Sonjia Kwok who is preparing to head back to TVB city to shoot "Seven Days Love Isolation" accepted an interview and was very frustrated: "I never said that he 'always called me'. That is ridiculous! The stuff he wrote on his blog is from a long time ago, it's Fans who told me about it. I was worried that others would misunderstand too, I called Deric and he told me that he's not talking about me. So OK, actually we broke up and we're still friends, but we haven't met up or anything. Probably in a year, there will be 1 or 2 phone calls."

When Sonjia got back to TVB city, she was surrounded by reporters trying to interview her, she continued to respond: "He never said that he wanted to pursue me. I also never thought about getting back together with him. He has a girlfriend, but I do wish him happiness."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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