Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Blue Lan and Ethan Ruan in UMA movie

Sonia Sui Tang

Blue Lan Zheng Long will be going to Cannes in the evening of 14th May to promote Wang Xiao Di’s movie: ‘UMA’ 《酷馬》after Ethan Ruan. Before his departure, TTV, Sanlih’s ‘Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan’ filming crew specially prepared a swimming trunk as gift, he must travel to the French Riviera for once, Sonia Sui smiling said that practically all the girls there are ‘in midair’ (bare), worried that Blue Lan will have ‘anaemia’ when he comes back.

‘PS Male’ Blue Lan will leave for Cannes for publicity of movies, ‘Tou’ drama actors and actress Sonia Sui, Xia Jing Ting and Chen Wei Ming specially prepared sunglasses, sunscreen and swimming trunk to send him off, Sonia Sui proposed to Blue: ‘When going to Cannes, you certainly have to go to French Riviera, so we are giving you the ‘three treasures of Cannes’ , but be careful, do not get ‘anaemia’ when you come back!’ Blue Lan took the swimming trunk to scrutinize for a while cannot help but laughingly said: ‘This is high shorts, and now should be very hard to get it. I think we anticipate in seeing Tang Tang or Bai Bai wear!’

In the past, Sonia Sui and family members visited the French Riviera together, she revealed that before departure, her father would help everyone to buy sunglasses, later then she knew her father’s intention. Sonia Sui said: ‘There are many girls there ‘high up in the air’ [bare], we wear normally, but look like alien.’ While sharing her experience, she jokingly said: ‘I am more concerned for Blue Lan whether he will come back with ‘anaemia.’’

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