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Genie Zhuo as Guy in Girl in Boys Dorm

Genie Zhou

In order to act as Miya, the main female character in "Girl In Boys' Dorm", Genie Chuo had to become a modern-day Mulan, cutting her hair short, wearing a suit and tie, appearing as a handsome guy, her fans could barely recognise her.

Genie Chuo, who has been in showbiz for 15 years, started out with short hair but she's kept her long hairstyle for many years, making her look more and more feminine. Having had her beautiful, long locks all this time, Genie really treasures her hair. Now, in the idol drama she will become a modern-day Mulan, she has to cut her hair short, wear a suit and appear as a handsome young man.

Director Deng An Ning was originally planning to personally come and act as the hair stylist but then thought of the cheerful Chao Zi Ciang and asked him to guest-star as the stylist instead, cutting off all of Genie's beautiful hair. During the filming process, there were many amusing scenes of them arguing over how short Genie's hair should be. Although in the end, a custom-made short hair wig was made for her, as soon as Genie put it on and thought about how her beautiful long hair was just gone, she immediately went into the mind frame of not having long hair anymore. Chao Zi Ciang's acting also naturally brought out the emotions of a girl (Genie) wanting to protect her long locks and not being able to bare getting it cut.

Genie, who has always had a very sweet, pretty image, says that having this rare opportunity to look handsome, in order to portray the character of Miya well, Genie expressed that the custom-made short hair wig is a new experience and further allows her to get into the mind frame of her character.

Source: Epoch Times
Translated by catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net

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