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Aarif Lee as Best Newcomer for Bruce Lee Film

Aarif Lee

Single-handedly promoted up the ladder of movie stardom by Leon Lai, Aarif Lee's singing and acting talents appear endless. After being awarded "Best Newcomer", his popularity has shot up and was recently picked to star as the martial arts great, Bruce Lee.

After joining Leon's Amusic, newbie singer Aarif has been the recipient of Leon's support in expanding in both the music and film industries. Leon got Aarif a role alongside "Double J" Janice Vidal and Janice Man for his debut in the new movie "Frozen" (not yet in theatres), and then Aarif received Hong Kong Film Awards' "Best Newcomer" Award for the movie "Echoes of the Rainbow". Now, he is signed up to act as young Bruce Lee in the movie "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story".

Lee Zhun Fai notes that Aarif is eerily similar to Bruce

2010 is martial arts celebrity Bruce Lee's 70th death anniversary, and Oriental Daily has received news that producer Manfred Wong will be producing "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", and the movie will center around the young Bruce Lee's life before he became famous. According to reports, Manfred already had his eyes on Aarif when he was preparing for "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", and when he saw Aarif at an "Echoes of the Rainbow" poster promotion, he noticed that he had an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Lee, based on his hair and smile, and then deemed him the best candidate for the role.

Through Manfred's preparations, Aarif, accompanied by his manager Joe Chan, was able to meet with Bruce Lee's younger brother Lee Zhun Fai. Zhun Fai was amazed by the resemblance between Aarif and Bruce, and as a result Aarif was cast as Bruce. Another rumoured participant in the movie is Tony Leung, who will act in the movie as Aarif's good friend.

Manfred's hands full with preparations

Oriental Daily asked for confirmation of the imminent filming of "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" from Manfred, who admitted the fact. "A couple years ago, a film company in Beijing had already undertaken the process of preparation. However, due to the organization and applications for approval, at this point in time I can't discuss anymore." Will the male lead be Aarif? He said, "He is one of the candidates, I did have contact with Aarif's manager Joe, but nothing has been confirmed, I really can't say anymore." Aarif's reps responded by confirming of contact with Manfred, but they couldn't reveal any details.

Source: on.cc
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