Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Blue Lan take over Vic Zhou in Ruffian Hero

Blue Lan

Blue Lan Zheng Long and Zai Zai Vic Zhou's names are often connected because of Da S, recently it was rumoured that Blue Lan will take over Zai Zai in acting the movie version of 'Ruffian Hero', Blue Lan denied the rumours yesterday, he said: 'This is the thinking of netizens, there is really no such thing.'

Director Cai Yue Xun has announced that the movie version of 'Ruffian Hero' will start shooting, besides Mark Zhao You Ting as the male lead, another candidate to succeed Zai Zai will be announced at the Cannes Film Festival, and because Blue Lan will also attend the Cannes Film Festival in the mid of May, conjures speculation from people outside the showbiz.

Blue Lan yesterday said that he is going to Cannes, mainly for Wang Xiao Di's new film, 'and his frame of mind in participating is to view and emulate other's work , to promote film culture, and he is pressed for time, after 3 days will return to Taiwan.' He denies that he will meet Cai Yue Xun.

Yesterday, he had a catwalk show with Cai Shu Zhen for the first time, a cell phone was placed on the chest of Cai Shu Zhen, Blue Lan need to take the cell phone from her chest, Blue Lan said in embarrassment: 'I do not know where to look?' Cai Shu Zhen was rumoured to be an item with the nominee for Best Supporting Actor of the Golden Horse award, Huang Jian Wei, Cai Shu Zhen admitted that, 'admire him, and in a matured friend relationship with each other.'

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