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Esther Kwan husband Nick Cheung in virility problem

Esther Kwan

In the recent year, Esther Kwan reduced her public appearances and focused entirely on taking care of her daughter. During this time period, she tried to maintain good health in hope for more children, while her husband Nick Cheung was busy buying Chinese herbal medicine to help his virility problem. It was also said that the couple is currently preparing for artificial insemination. Yesterday Esther, Roger Kwok, Derek Kwok, Ng Wai Kwok, Michelle Yim, Oscar Leung and Viven Yeo attended "The Season of Fate" promotional event. When Esther was asked about the artificial insemination rumors, she laughed: "I never did that! The rumors also said that Nick was buying Chinese herbs for better health because he had a virility problem. Even if we aren't going to have any more kids, still have to stay healthy. In this industry, we always have to stay up late, so its both physically and mentally exhausting. Sometimes even get anemia, Nick has to take care of my daughter and I, of course he needs to maintain his health! (So no problems with virility?) Of course not!"

Gaining strong support from his wife, Nick Cheung was named the "2009 Person of the Year" by the Hong Kong Youth Association, in recognition for his professional and positive impact on youths. Towards the buying medicine to stay "healthy" rumors, Nick laughed: "Already survived so many years, probably wrote about this before and didn't know. Well whether or not we have any more kids, still need to stay healthy. Sometimes I do use enforcement agents, everyone needs to maintain their health. (Your wife supports you saying that you had no virility problems?) No problem, I am normal, and healthy."

Currently with a serial broadcasting, Esther had become a target for the Media, Nick frankly said that he is worried about his wife and daughter, he told Esther not to take their daughter out too much: "Everything is just like normal, there's not much to write about anyway. If she's calling out a "duck" and got photographed, then that will be a problem."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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