Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

G.E.M rumoured boyfriend with William Chan


G.E.M has been rumoured with singers William Chan and Tat Dik. She appeared at the recording for "Jade Solid Gold" and was asked whether the rumours were true? She immediately laughed and said "Of course not! All of the rumours are fake!". She also revealed that she joked about attracting a lot of peach blossom (admirers) this year. But her makeup artist teased her attracting rotten peach blossoms. She rushed G.E.M to quickly find her love to stop any more rumours. However G.E.M disclosed that even if she met her ideal partner she would not announce it to the public. She would only announce it during the stages of marriage.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: matchbox @ http://illusive-serenity.forumotion.net

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