Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Hong Kong Duo Twins will come back


After a long time not being on the same stage, Twins first joint apparition is for "Hot Summer Days" 's director Wing Shya. From the time in 2007 when it was disclosed that they would go solo, they never really appeared as a band working together, but to everyone's amazement, they filmed a blessing and promotional VCR 2010 spring romantic movie "Hot Summer Days" and they appeared very sweet and still with their great chemistry, using "Hello everyone, we're Twins" as an introduction.

In the video, Charlene and Gillian who had been on their seperate ways for a long timewere carefully dressed up, one in red and the other in white; and the set was a photo studio, making people wondering if they were about to work together on Twins reunion.

It is reported that Charlene got interviewed in HK just before New Year and talked about her next cooperation with Gillian, but apparently it was to film this blessing video for "Hot Summer Days" that will start screening on February in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapour Malaisia etc...

In the Video, the two seemed very excited, Gillian holding the microphone for Charlene, their relationship semeing as good as before. Charlene also streesed that she is gueststarring in "Hot Summer Days" so she hoped that many people would support the movie

It is reported that when "Hot Summer Days" first started shooting, Charlene personnally complained to the directors " why didn't you look for me ?! Is it that my acting isn't good enough ?! "without knowing that they already planned for a comedic "beach hot girls fighting for icecream" scene.

It depicts beautiful men and women who, in the hot summer, who line up to buy ice cream at the only stand there is, and because there were too many people, the cunning vendor thought about auctioning them and one of the bikini girls and a little girl started a heated battle. The director got a bright idea and asked Charlene to act as that "would die to buy that ice cream " bikini girl.

Source: Now news
Translated by: little bee @ AsianFanatics

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