Jumat, 22 Januari 2010

Edison Chen appeared in Causeway Bay support FAMA

Edison Chan

Last night, Edison Chen appeared high profile in Causeway Bay's shopping center to support his artist FAMA's new album promotion. Edison did not have any bodyguards, he calmly said: "There are many people at the scene, it is very safe."

FAMA's new album "O'Fama" promotional event attracted nearly 500 fans and onlookers to support them. During the time, Edison suddenly made an appearance, FAMA was shocked to see his presence, C Kwan said: "I saw our Boss come out, I felt nervous because we need to have an explanation for our Boss." Edison expressed that when he has time he'll attend events to support FAMA.

Haven't kept in touch with Gillian Chung

Recently it was rumored that Gillian Chung took the initiative to pursue Dor Heung, but both managers denied. Edison expressed that he's not sure about the rumors, he hasn't seen the reports nor has he kept in touch with Gillian. Asked if he sends his blessing to her? Edison only said: "Must have happiness in life." Speaking of his and his girlfriend Vincy Yeung's relationship problems, Edison expressed that they have always been well, he thanked everyone's concern.

Supports Raymond Lam

When promoting for their new album, FAMA joked and said: "Raymond Lam winning the Asia-Pacific HK Male Singer Award, we also consider ourselves as winners because when fans yell Raymond Lam, it sounds like FAMA. Groups can win this award too, TWINS won that before!" But, Fama member 6-Wing said they aren't desperate for the award, its more important that Fans can give more support to the music scene. He said: "We are friends with Raymond too. As there were controversies when Raymond got the award, actually there are different views when different singers win, there is no right or wrong."

Note: FAMA's new song "Dream Girl" features Edison Chen. The demo version is out.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnagnel @ AsianEU

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