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Hong Kong Singer Hacken Lee quit Universal Music

Hacken Lee

TVB and Big 4 record companies copyright issue has been troubling for a few months now, the ones who are suffering the greatest impact are of course the singers. It was rumored that TVB appointed their "god-son" Hacken Lee to be this year's World Cup host, TVB producer (Lee Hon Yuen) reveals: "We have always collaborated well, have chemistry and it's not about the money. Hacken won't mind." Recently it was said that within Universal Group Music, a division of two groups started one named "Universal Group" and the other "TVB Group". Yesterday Universal's first brother Hacken Lee attended an iCable event and especially arranged two reporters to interview him, unfortunately that did not help, Hacken still answered in Mandarin.

Hacken maintained his "conservative" and "traditional" attitude to clarify that he accepted iCable's interview because he respects the contract: "At this time, I am responsible for the duties under the contract, we'll talk when the contract expires. (Will you renew the contract?) I don't know." Hacken's contract with both TVB and Universal are about to expire, however Hacken betrays Universal: "I signed with TVB already, so I can go on TVB programs. However, my record company said I can't go on TVB, I don't know which TV network I should go on! (Will you appear on other networks?) No, this is just my perspective. After new years, I will discuss with a manager, it's troublesome and I have a headache."

Hacken also stressed that he is one of the greatest victims: "I told Duncan Wong that I support him the most, I already sacrificed several TVB programs. Out of the many Universal singers, I am the one who got the most exposure from TVB, I am totally on his side, I'm the biggest victim." When asked if he needs to respect TVB's contract because TVB had given him many opportunities over the years? Hacken said: "Based on relationship, yes! A contract is not living, the relationship is more important. TVB has given me many opportunities in the past and even now they have not changed, we have a lot of relationship. (Are you giving up on Universal and not TVB?) Please do not say that."

Both EEG and Gold Label interested in Hacken

Also, as Hacken may not renew his contract with Universal, EEG's Artist and Music Director Mani Fok expressed: "We are interested in all artists who have potential. Like Hacken he is an artist who has ability, we do hope to have an opportunity to collaborate with him." As for Gold Label's CEO (Chan Fai Hung) said: "We do look for anyone who has potential to produce good music, Gold Label is welcoming Hacken with open arms."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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