Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

5566 leader Tony Sun got kidney stones

Tony Sun

Tony Sun visited TTV on the 26th to record a new episode of the variety show One Million Star. The singer/actor has been invited on the show numerous times before as he is one of their best and most entertaining contestants. Unfortunately, Tony Sun caught a cold while working in mainland China and it affected his performance on the show. He was only able to complete 6 stages instead of the minimum of 7 that he has done in the past.

Tony Sun was recently taken to the hospital to be treated for kidney stones while filming a drama in the mainland. His manager explained, “He really doesn’t want to trouble anyone, because the drama is filmed in the mountains, they have to travel by car in order to go to the washroom. He simply refrained from drinking water altogether.” When asked why didn’t he just “relieve on site”, his manager answered, “It’s not something he would do, no matter where it is.”

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