Rabu, 27 April 2011

Kelly Lin married with Chris Young at Maldives

Kelly Lin

Was it a shotgun wedding for Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin?

On Mar 22, Kelly married businessman Chris Young at the Maldives. The actress wore an empire-cut wedding dress and looked plumper than usual.

The public speculated that Kelly married in a rush because she was already pregnant. The actress has kept mum on the rumour.

According to Taiwanese media, Kelly is currently three months' pregnant.

The couple has returned to Taiwan and is enjoying their marital life.

Kelly and Chris reportedly spent NT$500 million (approximately S$2.15 million) on a new place, to welcome their latest addition to the family.

When reporters contacted Kelly's manager, she said, "The rumours are not work-related; we will not comment."

She added that the couple had gotten married and are letting nature take its course.

Source: XINMSN

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