Rabu, 27 April 2011

Patty Hou married with Ken Huang in Bali Island

Patty Hou

Taiwanese host Patty Hou will walk down the aisle with her fiancé Ken Huang on Apr 17.

Yesterday, the couple appeared at the airport, preparing to leave for Bali, Indonesia. The bride-to-be kept her smile on throughout the entire time when she was swarmed by reporters.

Decked in spring attire and minimal makeup, Patty wore a pair of huge sunglasses, which did not hide the bliss radiating from her.

She expressed that the wedding would be a simple affair. The couple had only invited about 30 family and friends. They did not select any church, nor would the wedding be on a beach. Patty also let on that the couple did not take any wedding photos either.

"We hope everyone would have a good time. It's not every day that we can hang out with our relatives," Patty said.

Looking casual in a plain, white tee and blue jeans, it was the first time fiancé Ken appeared in the media, which was probably why he seemed a little nervous. When the couple alighted from the vehicle, Patty held on to his hand tightly.

When asked if she was going to have children after her marriage, Patty expressed that it would not happen in a while.

"I have to start work once I return home. I think I'll wait for a year or two," she said.

Source: XinMSN

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