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Olympic Gold Medalist Liu Xuan in series Grace Under Fire

Bosco Wong Liu Xuan

After Olympic gold medalist Liu Xuan retired, she entered the entertainment industry and signed a TVB management contract. Her first TVB series Grace Under Fire is currently broadcasting. During the interview, Liu Xuan frankly said that shooting series is more difficult than physical training. She said: "Shooting series is totally more difficult than physical training. At least you have time to rest and sleep when your training, but shooting series there is no time to sleep. There is also a great pressure when during the shoot, which causes insomnia." Bosco Wong greatly praised Liu Xuan: "On the first day of shooting, she already had a fighting scene, I saw her eyes becoming crossed as she fought, felt she was very pitiful."

Liu Xuan appears to be able to withstand difficulty, but Bosco reveals that she is actually a 'medicine pot', as she is often taking Chinese medications during the series shooting. Liu Xuan said: "Before my health was not well, so now I'm taking Chinese medication to recapture my health." When asked if she will shoot a TVB series every year? She joked: "Shooting series is truly difficult, I will take a break first, wait until TVB has something arranged for me."

During filming, Bosco and Liu Xuan loved to exchange their experiences on the Mainland real estate. They agreed to let each other know when there is news on a good deal.

Source: Oriental Daily

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