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Taiwan Beauty Cyndi Wang is the eldest family

Cyndi Wang

“I’m the eldest.” This is what the very feminine Cyndi Wang declares. Since she has lived an independent life since high school, she has learnt to understand the world of adults. For example, every now and again, there’s news about her father but she feels, “It’s because my father has foolishly been taken advantage of.”

Not only do artists’ children get on the news, sometimes, artists’ parents are in the news for the wrong reasons. Cyndi Wang’s father has previously been in the news for being victim to scams and using his daughter’s celebrity status to buy things. However, despite her parents divorcing when she was in the 4th grade and having grown up with her mother, Cyndi still said, “If I get married one day, I still hope that my father can hold my hand and walk me down the aisle.”

Cyndi said that she talks to her father every now and again. In regards to her father being in the news, she is also “used to it”. Her reasoning is, “He is a retired soldier so he’s very direct, very simple-minded, easily taken advantage of, a bit foolish.” Even though her father once used her celebrity status to buy things, she said, “I’m very happy that my family is so proud of me.” She doesn’t often ring her father to remind him to “keep a low profile” because “Adults at home will naturally remind him, making sure that it doesn’t affect our father-daughter relationship.”

Such mature ways of thinking are a result of Cyndi Wang’s early independence. Previously she learnt singing in Japan and after become an artist, she has gained lots of knowledge and experience. Sometimes she even becomes the spokesperson at home, reminding her straightforward, Shanghainese mother to be more harmonious and be more concerned about the future of her younger brother who just finished military service, “I’ve spent a long time in the outside world, so I have a better idea of what I’m doing.”

However, as a result of being the “eldest”, Cyndi laughed saying, “I often tell my mother that she cares too little about me, probably because I make her too relaxed.” Even when she wanted to buy a house and asked her mother to give her opinion, she’ll just reply, “I’m busy.” But for example, during the period when Cyndi was changing contracts and had no work, as soon as she cried “I’m lonely”, her mother would come over from Taoyuan to keep her daughter company for a few days.

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