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Vanness Wu and Xiao Xiao Bin as father and son awards

Vanness Wu

The TV father and son combo has been receiving plenty of love with their hit drama Autumn’s Concerto. The two attended the recording of SETTV’s Entertainment awards ceremony yesterday, which is scheduled to air on the Chinese New Year’s eve. Xiao Xiao Bin was awarded Most Notable B-Ka (2nd fiddle/supporting actor), while Van Ness Wu was awarded Most Compatible Couple with on-screen wife Ady Ann, who could not attend as she was filming in mainland China.

Van Ness Wu showed up at the awards ceremony with a super short hair cut. He explained that he had just come back the US after completing an independent film. He gave Xiao Xiao Bin a big hug right away, followed by sharing a piece of heart shaped chocolate together. Xiao Xiao Bin called him “Alien Daddy” and even said he wants to get a haircut like his TV dad.

Van Ness revealed that it has been two months since they have seen each other, he plans to give Xiao Xiao Bin a present for the New Year. He also seemed to be quite popular among children as Xiao Xiao Bin’s younger brother Mini Bin also wanted a hug from him. Van Ness said, “(I) plan to have 6 kids in the future, because there are five kids in my family, it’s very lively and pleasant. (I) hope it’ll happen as soon as possible.”
The Bins (from the left): Mini-Bin, Uncle Bin, Xiao Bin Bin, Xiao Xiao Bin

Xiao Xiao Bin’s closeness with Van Ness made the two costars from his new drama P.S. Man jealous. Bianca Bai plays Xiao Xiao Bin’s mom, while Sonia Sui said he won’t even say hi to her even though she plays his kindergarten teacher. Van Ness consoled the two with a word of advice, “In order to gain his trust, (you) have to play with him, and then he’ll naturally become close with you.”

News clip from Wan Quan Yu Le (2/2) :

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