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Ella Chen and Jerry Yan in bed scene

Ella Chen Jerry Yan

Taiwan popular idols Jerry Yan and Ella acted together in an idol drama – [Down With Love]. The recent viewership rating fight talk has been going on strongly up against Vanness Wu and Ady An’s [Autumn Concerto]. Meanwhile the bed scene of the former has been a hotly discussed item lately!
Actually the bed scene in [DWL] between Ella and Jerry is just a simple, lying on bed, sleeping scene. No wonder Jerry laughed, “To be able to lie down and sleep while filming is really very relaxing!”


Jerry Yan & Ella’s Bed Scene – Only Remembered It was Very Hot and Messy
Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol serial – [Down With Love]’s storyline is developing speedily, such that Jerry and Ella’s relationship will have them ending up into a “bed scene”? In actual fact, it turned out that the niece and nephew (of Jerry’s lawyer character), played by Ji Xin Ling and Xiao Xiao Bin respectively, had Ella mistakenly consumed their flu medication and moved her into Jerry’s room to create a “both caught in bed” scene, in attempt to cause Ella to lose her job as a nanny. Despite being a “bed scene”, it is really a very safe and wholesome scene. Both artistes were only lying on bed, under the blanket and pretending to sleep. Jerry felt that it was a very relaxing scene. However on the day of filming, as the temperature was blistering, and the little room was packed with crew member, everyone was perspiration heavily. Ella also shared that they were filming in the summer, under the blanket in the small room, “As we cannot turn on the air-conditioner while filming, we were all very hot.”


Ella & Jerry Yan’s Bed Scene – Perspiration-filled Chat
Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

Ella and Jerry will be having a “bed scene” in CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love]. However both artistes were fully clothed throughout, as their bed scene is a very safe and wholesome one. Both of them are just lying on bed, under the blanket to chat. Although the scene seemed relaxing, to be able to film while lying down; it was not all a breeze as it was filmed during the hot summer and the room was packed with crew members. As the air-conditioner could not be turned on during filming, everyone was perspiring badly. Ella shared that Xiao Xiao Bin and Ji Xin Ling also popped in to play, hence, it was really messy and stuffy on the set, making the bed scene very stuffy.

In [DWL]’s debut episode last week, the scene whereby Ella and Xiao Xian knelt down before Jerry soared to its highest viewership rating. Tonight will be the telecast of [DWL]’s 2nd episode. In tonight’s story, Ella will once again have to kneel before Jerry as she broke his favourite sculpture – David! On the other hand, the earlier posters whereby the casts signed on the [DWL] posters for charity auction, the one whereby Ella drew a fringe for Jerry appeared to the fans’ hot favourite and was sold at the highest bid of $9300. Meanwhile the 2nd series of the online charity auction has started on 3 Feb. Two of Jerry’s costumes’ bids have risen to over $30,000 within an evening. The costumes of the artistes are currently available via the online auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

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