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Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo in drama X Channel

Joe Cheng

Amber Kuo

As reported earlier, Joe Cheng made a surprising move from GTV to star in a SETTV web drama. It looks like they are about to extend their collaboration further. SETTV is apparently starting production on a new idol drama called “X頻道 (X Channel)”. The title might suggest it’s some kind of sci-fi or adult programming, but it is in fact the name of a news network. The series will be directed by Jiang Feng Hong, who most recently worked on Summer's Desire and is also leaving GTV.

The director is rumored to be bringing along actress Tracy Chou with him – She has been out of work for 8 months due to legal troubles with her management company. Her previous dramas include Hot Shot and Calling For Love. But Tracy Chou won't be the lead, as Amber Kuo has reportedly been cast in the role. It remains to be seen how Amber Kuo will play a news anchor with her baby-voice, or if she will even play one at all.

SETTV was said to have considered pairing Sonia Sui and James Wen again. They became a very popular on-screen couple after “The Years of Happiness and Love”. The network is apparently unhappy with Sonia Sui’s high profile relationship with boyfriend Yau Yuan Hao. They worry her casting would end up creating buzz for his FTV drama “Rookies’ Diary”, which is currently killing the SETTV produced “Ni Yada” in the same time slot. SETTV denied such claim and said it's because she was just on P.S. Man. Based on their response, X Channel will most likely replace Ni Yada, which airs on Friday nights at 10.

Before Joe Cheng was cast in the drama, the network was also rumored to have considered Show Luo and Mike He. However, GTV successfully retained their number one trendy man after offering him a “tailor-made” drama. As for Mike He, he won’t work for more than twelve hours a day, and his schedule is full for the rest of the year anyway.

Source: Libertytimes, UDN
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

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