Jumat, 03 September 2010

Hong Kong Michelle Reis Li Jia Xin is 4 months Pregant

Michelle Reis

"Big Beauty" Michelle Reis is a beauty legend and is often rumored that she's 4 months pregnant. However, she has not announced the good news yet. Yesterday Michelle revealed on Weibo that she attracts bug bites, which seems to have overtones. When a woman is pregnant, there are changes in the endocrine, specifically speeding up the metabolism which especially attracts mosquitoes. Michelle getting mosquito bites, could it be related?

In the past few days, Michelle has been keeping in touch with fans on Weibo. The day before, she uploaded a photo which appears she has a belly sticking out, and also announced the good news that her mothers' seeds from her garden has successfully grew papayas, limes and pears.

Yesterday Michelle updates her Weibo again, she wrote: "I am extremely attracted to mosquitoes, often getting bitten. But today according to the insect experts, woman with a sexy body figure often have higher estrogen levels so attracts more mosquitoes. In the future, when getting a mosquito bites, tell myself: "Who told me to be so sexy!"

Source: Mingpao

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