Jumat, 03 September 2010

Bernice Liu captured naked pictures of herself

Bernice Liu

Yesterday Bernice Liu attended a shooting competition event held by Harbour City. She expressed that she has more than 20 cameras, the most expensive one is about $70,000, and also hinted that she captured many naked pictures of herself to keep for her next generation. She said, "The pictures were taken after entering the industry, there's film ones, digital, there's many I can't print out, but I once brought them to be developed, thankfully they're still safe now, but since there were people who got into trouble for taking their laptops to fix, I'm also quite scared."

She was asked if Moses Chan was a suitable person to capture, she said, "I haven't captured a guy who's fully naked." Besides this, PakHo Chau's grandmother has abnormal heartbeat because of fever and was admitted to hospital, her condition is stable now. He who loves shooting expressed that he wants to capture Angelababy and praised that she looks pretty at any angle.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator:Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

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