Kamis, 16 September 2010

Ethan Ruan will marry with Tiffany Hsu next year

Ethan Ruan

Food may be the way to a man's heart, but a new house could be the way into one's future parents-in-law's good books.

Popular Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan is reportedly planning to buy a new home for girlfriend Tiffany Hsu's family, in hopes of getting her parent's approval for her hand in marriage within a year.

In response to the rumour, Ethan did not give a definitive answer, only stating that he "would get married someday."

So is he planning marrying Tiffany Hsu?

"That would be good! But the future is full of uncertainties; I wouldn't dare to confirm that."

According to reports, Ethan had already bought a TWD 20,000,000 (SGD 1,000,000) love nest to co-habit with Tiffany, and he is planning to spend another TWD 5,000,000 (SGD 250,000) for his girlfriend's parents' new abode.

For now, the handsome lad is tied up with upcoming movie projects.

Speculation was rife that Ethan would be involved in the new blockbuster production, Warriors of the Yang Clan, acting alongside fellow big time actors.

However, the 28-year-old has denied his participation in the drama, revealing that he would be involved in two of director Doze Niu's movie projects instead.

"I don't know where the absurd news about my participation in Warriors of the Yang Clan came from. I'll be starting on my action and acting training in October and November. Filming for director Doze Niu's romantic film would take three to four months," Ethan explained.


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