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King Chang Yun Jing new album The Opposite Me

Zhang Yun Jing

On 7/8, “Rocker Newcomer King” Jing Chang held a press conference for her new album [The Opposite Me]. Cyndi Wang, who guest-starred in Jing’s latest MV “Love’s Option”, specially prepared a gift for her colleague. The gift consisted of an “Crocodile Dentist” game surrounded by a sea of chocolates.

Cyndi said: “I know that YunJing really likes to play games so I picked this game for her. It has a particular connection to her newest single ‘Love’s Option’ because it’s just like love. You’ll never know – when you press on a particular tooth, you might face getting bitten by the crocodile and getting hurt. On the other hand, you could be lucky and receive a chocolate candy in return.”

Jing took 3 consecutive turns for this game and escaped the crocodile’s bite. She proudly remarked: “Lucky!” The host for the event, Ah Juan, wasn’t as lucky and was bitten immediately. The reporters at the scene asked for Jing to try again. When she failed, she was scared to the point that she reacted to the crocodile’s bite by jumping backwards 3 steps.

When discussing about the two artistes’ relationship after starring in Jing’s MV, Cyndi said: “When YunJing was on Super Idol, I often watched the show with my mother so I feel quite close to her actually. Then when staff mentioned filming the MV, I agreed at once!”

Besides thanking Cyndi for her guest-star appearance and coming to provide support at this press conference, Jing didn’t forget to praise Cyndi’s acting: “Her acting is really good. It’s admirable to the point that I want to try out acting in a drama!”

When asked about when the two became friends, Jing commented: “We’re both Virgos so we won’t put our guards down until we truly understand and become familiar with each other. We actually got to know each other better when one time Cyndi showed me a magic trick backstage. I was quite surprised and thought she was so cute!”

Last year, Jing Chang released her 1st album [Unprecedented] and gained remarkable results. Not only did her popularity rise, she also received a total of 15 newcomer awards from overseas. Jing also received 2009’s Yahoo! Taiwan Asia Buzz Awards’ [Most Popular Female Artiste]. This year, her fans from Taiwan and overseas gathered donations totaling 1 million TWD in order to buy her latest album. Jing’s warm-up single “Broken” has already topped KKBox Mandarin Music Charts for 2 weeks. As for the song “The Opposite Me” which she wrote herself, it has also topped 3 major ringtone music charts!

Jing also shared a story – a few days ago, she went to eat at a hotpot restaurant. The waiter there recognized her and then took the initiative to air Jing’s latest MV for all the customers to listen to.

Jing: “Later, he even rushed to 7-ELEVEN to preorder my album. This really touched me.” Everyone was curious as to whether Jing got a discount. She replied: “Nah, he even asked me ‘So can you bring Show Luo here next time?’”

original source: Beauty Vogue News
translated by minchong92 @ and @

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