Senin, 05 Juli 2010

Alvina Kong said Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok broke up

Alvina Kong
Angela Tong

Earlier at Angela Tong's birthday party, because of one of the guests Alvina Kong's comment: "They already broke up" (Referring to Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong), stirred up rumors that they broke up. Last night, Angela and Alvina attended a World Cup shopping mall event and were not embarrassed to see each other and requested for a group photo. Alvina explained again that the comment was just a joke. She also called Angela afterwards and apologize, and strongly insisted that Chin Ka Lok is not upset with her.

When reporters asked Angela if their relationship is stabled? She only laughed: "I never said anything, I'm very happy now!" Later reporters teased her again saying that she and Chin Ka Lok have going through another obstacle in their relationship, Angela vigorously shook her head. Reporters asked again if they broke up? She said: "Just say however you guys like to say it. (What did he give you for your birthday?) Giving gifts does not necessary have to be on the actual birthday, usually even after I saw the gift, can still give it. (You already saw it?) Nothing special, I'm not greedy."

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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