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Huang Xiao Ming in Guo Jing Ming movie Ice Fantasy

Huang Xiao Ming

When mermaids and Ice Princes marry, when fantasy meets wuxia, when reality and illusions collide, and when to save the person you love, you must destroy everything that he holds dear.

Such is the world of Guo Jingming’s Ice Fantasy, actor Huang Xiaoming’s first film investment. Huang Xiaoming said that given his experience, “Ice Fantasy” is a movie with a lot of potential. Ice Fantasy will be one of several Chinese fantasy movies to look forward to in the future. Others include 3D film Mermaid Kingdom and Meteor Shower lead Zhang Han’s Change of Fated Stars.

Huang Xiaoming, who shot to fame in series like the Return of the Condor Heroes, has just begun his jump from TV series to movie. Now, after multiplying his worth through his stocks of his management company Huayi Brothers, Huang Xiaoming is no longer content with just acting. Huang Xiaoming said that once, his dream was simple – “to buy a big house for my parents. Now that’s fulfilled, and they even drive Porsches when leaving the house.” Now, “I really want to do more things myself so that I can create more,” Huang Xiaoming said.

This is the second Guo Jingming film in production. His new cosmopolitan novel Tiny Times, a cross between Gossip Girls and Devil Wears Prada, has also been picked by a film company. Plans have also been made for a TV series adaption of the novel.

source: cfensi

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