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Boyfriend help Fala Chen turn into a singer

Fala Chen

"Neway Big Siu Lai" Fala Chen can finally fulfill her singer dream. It is understood that Fala will soon be singing a contract with Neway's old executive Herman Ho's record company and becomes opposite of Neway, which is currently managed by Neway's second young master (Sit Ka Lun), fighting back for her boyfriend Sit Sai Hang!

It was said that Neway's two young masters Sit Sai Hang and Sit Ka Lun are both fighting to get up top, making it hard on the two girlfriends Fala and Marie Zhuge. It was rumored that Fala had always wanted to release a music album and under the support of her boyfriend, she can easily become Neway's first sister. She personally went to Herman Ho, a trusted adviser to Sit Sai Hang and was still Neway's executive at the time, to discuss a contract. However, unexpectedly Neway gone through some changes where the company's management was handed over to Hang's younger brother Sit Sai Lun. Lun quickly objected to signing Fala, scattering her singer dreams.

After Lun became the head of the company, Hang's trusted assistant Herman quickly left Neway and started his own company "Star Entertainment Ltd." Tomorrow he's going to be holding a press conference at Four Seasons Hotel. The singers under Star Entertainment including Jade Kwan, Fala Chen, Joyce Cheng and newcomer Jinny Ng will be attending.

Earlier, rumors say Fala and Hang secretly married. Recently news reveals Hang is actually one of the big bosses behind "Star Entertainment", he put out money and effort behind the scenes to help out his girlfriend, Fala is said to release her debut album in October. She's strongly supported to get this year's Newcomer Award. Because of Hang and Herman's relationship, the royalties paid is higher than the average TVB artist signing for a record company, increased to 20%, so Fala earns even more.

[Oriental Daily] contacted Fala to confirm, she replied through her manager: "She did meet Herman Ho earlier. Whether or not the contract is successful, the decision is made by TVB. Fala personally does really want to be a singer and release albums." As for Herman Ho, he accepted an interview and admitted that he did meet with Fala: "I've heard her record before, felt that her vocals are pretty good. She really enjoys singing. (Is the big boss Sit Sai Hang?) Absolutely not." As for Joyce's manager (Chan Suk Fan), she said: "We have discussed many times, we have intentions to collaborate."

Source: Oriental Daily

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