Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Ruby Lin in romantic Dior and Burberry gown

Ruby Lin

Earlier, reports surfaced of Ruby Lin having dated Patty Hou's fiance Huang Bo Jun. At an interview with "China Times", she said that she isn't regretful. "I truly and fully wish them the most happiness." She wore Dior and Burberry's new line at the photoshoot, which featured many items of clothing that were nude coloured and silver, showing off her light heartedness and clarity.

Wearing a romantic Dior gown, Ruby couldn't resist pairing the dress with short socks and high heels. Laughing, she said "Oh my goodness, no one wore socks with heels like this in my school days, because they'll be laughed at as the village maiden. I can't believe it's so popular now!" She feels that the nude and silver colours this season are full of modern appeal.

The magazine points out that Ruby and Bo Jun's parents are all rotary club members, and met after an introduction by the parents. Bo Jun expressed lots of interest upon meeting her, and initiated contact with the intent to date her. However, because his foremost reason for dating was marriage, added with Ruby's recent breakup with long time rumoured boyfriend Stanley Tong, she wasn't in the mood to see anyone new, and they didn't pursue any relationships.

To be tied in with being matchmade and having dated Bo Jun, Ruby simply says, "I am not the old flame." She continues to say that the allegations are being really stretched, since they have only seen each other twice, and it was at a gathering with many elders, so they are not familiar with each other. As for rumours that Bo Jun's family background is alarming, (apparently his dad is Ti Hua Street's landlord), she laughs. "This one rumour I've never heard my own parents mention, I also only found out after reading it in news reports."

Source: China Times
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