Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Blue Lan bathing with Sonia Sui in PS Nan

Blue Lan

The 3 weekend dramas focus on romance as gimmick, male and female leads bathing together, kissing passionately, embracing while dancing all come forth, Blue Lan and Sonia Sui for the sake of TTV, Sanlih drama: ‘Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan’ film a bathing scene together, and dare not see but just work. The first time acting in a bathing scene, Blue Lan described: ‘It was a hot spot, because the working crew are all males.’

Wrapped with a towel for filming, Sonia Sui has done preparatory work beforehand, she said: ‘Areas that require protection were protected and will not be exposed.’ Blue Lan smiling said: ‘Since I started acting, this is my first time acting in a bathing scene with a girl, although there is water on the body, however, it is not cold, and is very hot because there are many people, Tang Tang’s figure is good, and the filming crew is full of beans, we are shy to see, and working is our paramount focus.’

Chen Chu He and Lai Ya Yan who are acting in CTS: ‘Fairy Tale under Starlight’ finished within one shot. Chen Chu He revealed that initially he and Lai Ya Yan really cannot get along but after the shot, it has improved.

Chen Chu He and Makiyo are enthusiastically in contact, his first drama: ‘Fated to Love You’ let Ethan Ruan stole the publicity most of the time, and this drama, he met with opponents, Blue Lan and Jerry Yan and was ‘killed’ by both sides and the fighting for ratings was laborious.

And CTV and GTV ‘Down with Love’ focus on Hangzhou this week, Ella will also benefit from the embodiment of Little Princess Cinderella, and have a romantic dance with Jerry Yan. However, Ella who hardly reveal her sexy figure, now have a chance but wrapped her body tightly with curtains, and Jerry laughing said: ‘That’s like hermit crabs.’

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