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Chrissie Chau modelling in Tokyo GIrls Collection

Chrissie Chau

Hong Kong models Angelababy, Chrissie Chau and Marie Zhuge have tread a beaten path towards Japan to model in the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) fashion show. Baby had no pressure, having already gained fame in Japan, and dressed up impishly with an intent to proceed up in the model ranks. On the flip side, Chrissie Chau was "sharpening her knives", appearing to take advantage of Baby's absence in Hong Kong to become the 2nd generation "Hong Kong Goddess".

Starting today, Angelababy, Chrissie and Marie will be modelling for two days at the TGC fashion show, competing to be the most stylish. Labelled "Hong Kong's Goddess", Baby had arrived in Yokohama to prepare for the show days ago, and should be modelling four sets of clothes and one yukata.

Baby's successful switch into another "style" of modelling (in Japan) had led to her moving her home base to Japan, no wonder she was carefree and relaxed. Yesterday Baby stole the spotlight and headed off the show, wearing D&G trousers and carrying a Chanel bag. Baby said she would not be shopping at Shibuya 109, and would be targetting the couture shops instead. Stepping up from being a "leng mou" into being a professional model, Baby says, "I won't go to 109, because it's just like Mong Kok, after wearing it for one season it can't be worn anymore." Baby has also turned into a Japanese map fanatic, searching for loopholes and hidden deals around food tax in her mission to try all the succulent local foods.

Heads to Okinawa in April for her next move

Although Baby clearly wasn't nervous, after shopping at the couture shops and filling her belly, she immediately headed towards an aromatheropy beauty spa to massage her legs, and she had a personal attendant massage her feet. Also, Baby will be heading to Okinawa for a show in April to stabilize her status in the Japanese modeling world.

Source: on.cc
Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

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