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Janine Chan love rejected by Mark Chao

Janine Zhang

After Janine Chang was supposedly rejected by Mark Chao, the entire issue has turned around. Both artists have not interacted with each other directly. Rather, it was both of their management companies that released statements. Janine Chang could only continue on promoting her new movie [Fountain of Joys]. She even said: “This is just like my movie. There is only one truth. Everyone sees something differently and their interpretations of the truth are different.”

From Janine’s side, she was asked during a charity event whether or not she would accept a younger man – older woman relationship. She replied: “I don’t want to reply these ‘what-if’ questions.” But then Janine also commented: “If Mark Chao wants to pursue me, I will accept it.”

However, the misunderstandings are no matter since she will not feel awkward when the two will work together for [Ruffian Hero] in the future.

When reporters pointed out that Mark Chao coughed out loud after he heard of Janice’s confession, Janice asked: “He probably had a cold, didn’t he?”

The press, who attended Mark Chao’s conference that day, then agreed that he was coughing throughout the entire event. Janice then said: “You see, I was right!”

The reporters argued: “Maybe he felt conflicted so he used his cough to stall time.” Janine replied: “Then it’s just as confusing as my movie’s plot.”

The box office sales for Mark Chao’s [Monga] are almost nearing 300,000,000 TWD. On the other hand, Janine Chang does not worry about these comparisons to her movie’s sales. She stated: “The movie genres are different and each individual movie has its own fate.” In [Fountain of Joys], Janine acts as a photographer who likes to peep on things. To prepare for filming the movie, Janine specially took up photography – she traveled to France, England and China to take pics. She took photos of her family and friends. But up to this day, she still has not taken a picture of Mark Chao.

original source: Epoch Times
translated by minchong92 @

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