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Michael Tse and Kate Tsui in Lives of Omission

Michael Tse Kate Tsui

TVB series Lives of Omission is currently a popular hit, making Michael Tse and Kate Tsui the target on magazine reports. It was said after Stephen Chan resumed his position at TVB, he plans to boost his favorites Wong He and Wayne Lai up for TV King, shattering Michael's dreams. Kate also asked the producer to new series Schemes of East and West to give her more screen time, so she can defeat Fala Chen. However, her plans failed and therefore she withdrew from the series.

Yesterday Michael and Kate took part in the recording of 全城喜動 in Macau. Towards the related reports, Kate had a big reaction and explained: "Never heard of such thing. This is quite interesting, I did discuss a script and role with Producer Tommy Leung, but because of schedule conflicts, I couldn't take part in the series. (You don't want to collaborate with Fala?) No such thing, why would that be so? We just completed a series together. (Is it not 'if there is her, then there is no you'?) Why would that be? TVB already has a shortage of people, so they are happy when there are more people coming. Perhaps there will be more time to earn some extra money. (Fala is your greatest opponent for this year's TV Queen title?) I know I already have 5 series broadcast this year, but I personally support Myolie Wu. I heard her performance in Queen of All is awesome."

Michael just expressed: "I don't have to comment on this, there are too many of these fabricated news. (Stephen Chan made everyone in TVB split in groups and parties again?) In fact it is not Mr. Chan splitting the groups on his own, it is the public that is helping him do so. I feel that we all have the same goal, and that is to work for TVB."

Source: Mingpao

Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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