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Myolie Wu emphasized she is still single Refused to be lady behind

myolie wu

(Kuala Lumpur) Myolie Wu envied Anita Yuen for having a successful career and a happy family; therefore she set her (Anita Yuen) success as her aim in life but she refused to be the woman hiding behind the back of a man.

Re-contract and increase in pay as ambassador

2 years ago, Myolie Wu replaces Anita Yuen as ambassador for Adonis. This year she manage to be re-contract at a higher paid. This time round she is in Malaysia not only to sign the re-contract, but also to fulfill her responsibility as ambassador. Going to Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru on a promotional tour for “A Beauty Date”, sharing her experience using the products at the same time she will attend the opening ceremony of Adonis 15th new branch at Pavilion.

Entering the third year of co-operation with Adonis, she expresses that she knows the sponsor will keep sourcing for new ambassador and she is able to take over from “Movie Queen” Anita Yuen as the second ambassador, to her this is an honor, she also wish that her “beauty and confident” will not only last for 20 years, even when she is sixty or seventy she is still as beautiful as ever.

As for the success in career and happy family enjoy by Anita Yuen, she said that this will be her goal in life, “Work is important but family is important too. There should be a balance. I don’t wish to be a workaholic. I’m scare that I will be very lonely after work, by myself. Anita has a successful career, husband and son are good looking, as a lady there are no regrets!”

Wishes for everlasting love

Currently she places work as her priority, even though the rumours between her and Bosco Wong has reached fever pitch, but she emphasized that she is still in the “always available” stage. But she doesn’t rule out the possibility of setting aside some time for dating if there is a guy wooing her that make her feel that “is worth it”. As for what is considered “worth it”, she said: “He must love me a lot!”

Myolie Wu wishes for everlasting love, both party must love and admire each other, “Getting along with each other is an art, I am still trying very hard to learn it!”

But Myolie Wu who strive hard for her career refused to be “the woman hiding behind the back of a man”, “my own decision is still the most important, of course will respect the guy, but I will still think about myself first!”

Deny going to Okinawa for pre-honeymoon

Recently because of Andy Lau hiding his wedding and this causes a storm in the entertainment industry, she feels that marriage is a happy occasion, she will definitely make it public. She even stand up for Andy Lau who is under a lot of stress recently, “Actually he has been working very hard in this industry for many years, he contributed a lot, should have his own life, a lot of people will attack him verbally say he is lying, but think of it on another level, everyone has their own life, their own choice, we cannot be so selfish and expect the other party to belong to everyone, give him more space!”

Regarding the Hong Kong media exposing her trip to Okinawa, seem like it is a pre-honeymoon trip? She smiled and said, “Can’t possibly be? This is too exaggerating!” She explained that she had been filming in Heng Dian for that period of time, a few of the actors on the drama took leave, so she has a few days off, coincidentally Bosco Wong and his hair stylist was going to Okinawa, offhandedly ask whether she wants to come too, everything was all planned by the following day, “We saw a lot of Hong Kong people over there, we did said hi to them too, actually there really wasn’t anything to be worried about, because we are really just friends!”

Myolie Wu shares her beauty secret

Myolie Wu arrives in Malaysia to fulfill her responsibility as ambassador, Friday (4 September) she appears at Sungei Wang Plaza for the first promo of “A Beauty Date”, she radiate brilliance and confident after finishing a round of skin care treatment. She highly recommended the new process - - 7 Chakra treatment and anti-stress aroma. She also promoted Adonis beauty products as if it was her family treasured. The CEO of Adonis, Miss Anne Lee was very satisfied with the ambassador performance and keeps nodding her head.

Advise to do the treatments instead of being a lazy lady

During the function, she discloses the secrets of her skin care, which was not to be a lazy lady, visit the beauty salon regularly for treatments, “There is no ugly woman on this earth, there is only lazy woman!” Besides, as she is releasing her solo album in November, she sang two songs live during the event, “Love Delusion” and the first public live performance of her brand new single “Bright Day”.

Credits: Ting @ http://myoliewuhangyee.com/forum

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