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Charlene Choi started the show wearing a transparent dress

charlene choi

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), Chilam Cheung, Louis Cheung, William Chan, Pakho Chow and Jason Chan were performing at "EPS Forever Green 25 X Metro Concert" the other night. Ah Sa, wearing a black transparent dress started the show; but before she sang, she threw a ring down to her fans. The ring was given to her for doing the EPS commercial. Ah Sa sang two of her songs and than Chilam joined her to sing the golden classic "Modern Love Story". The audience went wild, a lot of them stood up to take pictures of them. Ah Sa revealed that everytime when she went to Karaoki with her daddy, her daddy always asked her to sing that song. Therefore, she is very familiar with that song.

Talking about Ah Sa's transparent outfit, Chilam couldn't help but praised her for looking so seductive that people may indulge in fantasy thoughts. Ah Sa smiled "Althought Chilam said he was praising me, I often thought he is teasing me. I just want to look beautiful, so don't be surprised. If I have to put on a bottom dress, I may as well not wear this dress at all. In fact, my sexiness is limited, just now some colleagues asked me why don't I put on more pads, haha." Talking about Gillian Chung expressed that she hoped to sing with her very soon, As Sa smiled and said "I do want to sing with her too. I intend to write a song for us to sing together. (Do you think Ah Gill is ready?) Absolutely, she did a stage play earlier, didn't she?"

Source: Takungpao
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

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