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Kate Tsui was bleeding filming her new MV "Cut Throat"

kate tsui

Kate Tsui did a Music Video for her third song "Cut Throat". The song is about ladies love shopping. When Kate was shooting the MV, blood came out from her ankle.

Kate was admitted to hospital for exhaustion and malnutrition earlier on. She was still very weak after her discharge from hospital. However, Kate had to film the MV which required her to sing and dance almost non stop. On the day of the filming, she was feeling a bit faint already. Kate was doing another MV for her new song "Hit Me" first. She was wearing a high heel long boots which she wore for the first time. As a result, her ankles were bleeding. Kate said "This is a new pair of boots, they have been rubbing my ankles. In fact, I knew my ankles were bleeding, but I didn't want to block the filming progress, therefore, I had to continue. After a few hours of dancing, I couldn't stand it any longer. I asked a colleague to put some plaster on for me. Its still hurting, but I have to bear with it."

The song of "Cut Throat" describes ladies love shopping most. Kate said "I do like shopping, but I am not a shopaholic." In fact most of Kate's clothes are brought by her mother. Kate stated "My mom is really cool, she knows almost all the brand names, she is my private stylist."

Source: Takungpao/MingPao(image)
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

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